Our technical solutions and cultivation systems offer numerous economic and environmental benefits

A guarantee of performance whatever the solution


CombaFarm: our greenhouses meet producers’ expectations, offering them increased food security, differentiated products and protected margin. For consumers, a fresher and cleaner lettuce, all year round, with less impact on the environment


CombaSystem: our high-performance farming solutions produce lettuce and aromatic plants of superior quality in terms of colour, texture, crunchiness, nutrition and taste


CombaPro: our agronomists select the best varieties to meet consumers’ expectations or specific requests from sandwich makers and master chefs.

Our solutions make it possible to produce clean salad heads that are large, without tip-burns and offer a processing yield of over 85%.


20x more productivity 
than open field production

high-end product


97% water saving

Waste reduction
(Only 15% versus 68% currently)



Local production

Increased shelf life

More crunch and taste



Production 365 days / year

Local delivery

Food safety


Elimination of contaminants

No pesticides, no fungicides

No chlorine wash

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