Our managerial team includes complementary profiles with international experience, supported by a network of agronomists and food experts.

We work in the fields of finance, market development, plant science, marketing, research and development and engineering.
  • Serge Gander

    Chief Executive Officer

    Serge is a seasoned entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in Asia, Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

  • Stéphane Carrichon

    Agronomy Director

    Stéphane has 30 years of experience growing vegetables in open field and greenhouses.

  • David Potter

    International Development Director

    David Potter has worked in several senior roles in the industry including Bakkavor, G’s Group and has worked at board level in the Euro zone, UK and China.

  • Romain Beney

    Technical Project Management

    Romain holds a degree in Industrial Systems Management Engineering with a strong background in technology, economics and communication. He manages projects at CombaGroup.

  • Laura Rabbath

    Energy & Environment

    Graduate in Environmental Engineering from HEIG-VD, Laura is in charge of the energy planning and environmental engineering of the cultivation and production systems developed by CombaGroup.

  • Tamara Wiedler

    Administration & Accounting

    Tamara graduated in Business Economics from HEIG-VD and brings efficiency and dynamism to the team and partners of CombaGroup.

  • Charles Karlen

    Technical director

    Charles is a certified industrial engineer (HEIG-VD) and has 15 years of experience in engineering and industrial process management, particularly in the photovoltaic industry.

  • Cyrille Vayson

    Data Director

    Cyrille has 10 years of experience in industrial design at Peugeot.

  • Céline Balduccci

    Product quality & Food safety

    Trained as a biologist, Celine ensures the quality and safety of CombaGroup's culture systems and projects.

  • Sylvain Monney

    Combafarm operator

    Sylvain ensures the daily operation of our Molondin greenhouse and the maintenance of our CombaSystems.

  • Florence Marguerat


    Active on the Agropole site, Florence is a corporate specialist with extensive experience in the food sector who accompanies CombaGroup in the development of its identity.

  • Loic Maritz


    Loïc graduated ES Technician in industrial systems. He is in charge of the development and maintenance of the automation of the different systems.

  • Gabriel Billato

    Mechanical Engineer

    Gabriel is passionate about sustainable development and, as a graduate mechanical engineer (HEIA-FR), applies his skills to the design of technical projects.

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