Sustainable values

CombaGroup has a direct, immediate and positive impact on key environmental and societal issues.


Our mobile aeroponics irrigation systems use 30 times less water than traditional field farming thanks to an elaborate spraying automat and a closed-loop water circuit. Our CombaSystems allow no stagnant water and no runoff, eliminating the risk of contamination.

Within 5 years, we will have saved 8 billion litres of water, the equivalent of 3’200 Olympic-size swimming pools per year.


Our soilless greenhouses function as a climate-controlled environment that avoids the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Our CombaFarms allow no entrant and no foreign bodies, eliminating phytosanitary risks.

Emission of carbon dioxide

The current food supply chain is very energy intensive: from operating tractors and harvesters to heavy washing in processing facilities. In addition, over 80% of prepared salads sold in the world today have travelled an average of 2’000 km to reach our plates.

By being strategically located near distribution and consumer centres, our CombaFarms will reduce the carbon footprint by 28’000 tons of CO2 by 2021 or the equivalent of a forest the size of 3’000 football pitches.


According to a leading distributor study, lettuce is the number one waste in the food chain with 78% of waste from field to plate.

By improving the cultivation process and disrupting the supply chain, our CombaSystems allow an astonishing 85% produce yield — 4 times more than the current chain.

Circular Economy

By being located near biogas facilities, Anaerobic Digestion plants or photovoltaic farms, our CombaFarms bring opportunities of circular economy by using waste heat to heat or cool our greenhouses.

CombaGroup offers the right balance between capital investment and controlled environment.

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